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Buying A Home
Frequently asked questions, and what we will do to help you find your perfect home.
How We Help You

Searching: We will help you search for your dream home. This will include weekly updates on new homes in your criteria.

Lender/Loan recommendations: We will furnish a list of local lenders that we have worked with in the past. This is available upon request.

Consulting: We will always be looking out for your best interest, and will advise you accordingly.

Writing offer: We will write up the offer for you, and explain every aspect of it, so you will be cued in every step of the way. 

Presenting: We will present the offer to the seller, or the seller's agent.

Negotiating: We work for you, and will negotiate on your behalf. We will always keep your best interest in mind, and consult you during the negotiation process.

Monitoring: We will monitor the purchase and sale agreement to make sure to avoid any gliches that could come up.

Home Inspection: We will provide you with home inspectors we know and trust, and will see this through.

Appraisal: We will see the appraisal through, to be sure that there are no problems.

Contingencies: We will be sure that every contingency is met, and agreed upon by you.

Walk through: We will be there for the final walk through, to represent you.

Closing: We will make this happen.

Follow up: We want to be sure that you are as happy as can be with your new home purchase.

Buyer's FAQs

Q. What happens to the earnest money deposit check?
A. The check that you hand the agent/broker is deposited into their trust account.

Q. Why do I have to complete a Statement of Information form?
A. The information is needed by the title insurance company to enable them to eliminate those matters, judgements, and liens which appear on the County records against a person having a similar name.

Q. What do I do about fire insurance?
A. You may obtain fire insurance from the agent of your choice. Discuss with your insurance agent the coverage you want and have your agent call us. Lenders generally require insurance in an amount equal to the loan you are obtaining.

Q. When will I know how much money is needed for closing? (down payment and closing costs)
A. The closing company will not have all the figures necessary to calculate the amount of funds due until they receive the loan documents from your lender. Prior to the closing, an appointment will be set up at which time you will sign the loan documents and hand the closing agent the balance of funds necessary to close the transaction.

Q. What type of check do I need to close?
A. Funds delivered to the closer should be in the form of a cashier's check drawn on a bank in state. If funds are coming from out of state, please make arrangements to have the funds wired to the closing company.

Q. When do I bring my money to closing?
A. Normally you will bring your funds with you when you sign the loan document.

Q. Do I have to come in the day of Funding and Recording?
A. No. All necessary documents will have been signed and funds already deposited with the closing agent.

Q. When will I have possession and keys to the property?
A. Possession is on the day of recording and keys will be furnished to you by your Real Estate Agent.

Q. When do I get the Grant Deed to my property?
A. You will receive your deed in the mail directly from the County Recorder's office approximately 4 to 6 weeks after recording.

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